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You Don't Want Success

You Don't Want Success

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Demolishing Excuses Used to Prevent You from Achieving Your Goals

You either want to succeed or you don’t. Nobody’s going to do it for you, and nobody’s going to carry you gently over the threshold of success.

No more games. No more pity parties. No more excuses.

You Don’t Want Success will help you to address your fears of money, other people’s opinions, “perfection paralysis,” and more. A bonus section on a Biblical perspective is included for Christians. Each topical chapter has four sections:

  1. Subject matter – A common fear is discussed with ways to overcome it
  2. Miko Moment – The author shares a lesson she learned
  3. Interview with a professional – Nine individuals share their journeys and tips that may benefit readers
  4. Put it into practice – Questions are given for reflection as well as action steps you can implement now

It’s time to stop stalling and start doing. Confronting fears. This is personal.

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