What I do: Help bridge the gap between what the author means to write and the message(s) sent to the reader


As a content editor, I focus on helping authors get their stories across as clearly as possible. My strengths are with nonfiction, Christian, and children’s stories. Occasionally, I may assist with copyediting short stories and poetry. However, I like to focus on the big picture and the details that animate it.

*Note: I tend to be comment heavy because I try to make the reason for my notes clear (as if we’re talking). I offer feedback from multiple positions – editor, author, sensitivity reader, etc. – so my comments may address points not previously considered.

How do I help authors?


Authors message me about their projects.

Depending on the topic, turnaround time, and my availability, we may need to have a brief meeting to determine if I am the editor to work on the manuscript. My style may not meet everyone’s needs, or I may know an editor better suited for your manuscript. For instance, I may be able to give my thoughts as a beta reader for a fiction book, but I would refer authors to another developmental editor to make sure that they are meeting the genre requirements for a suspense novel.

If we decide that we’d like to work together, we move forward.


Beta Reading

This is a feedback report of my impressions as a reader as I go through your manuscript. This is not as extensive as a manuscript critique/review. I will have some inline comments. I encourage authors to let me know what they’d like me to consider as I read. I provide beta reading for fiction, children’s books, and poetry.

Rate: $0.005/word; minimum $15


Manuscript Critique

An author’s manuscript should be “completed” or nearly completed when the story is sent to me for review (I need something to read). I will read through and leave in-line comments as well as feedback on the overall text. The number of comments and length of feedback will vary by project.

Authors use these tools to determine what, if any, changes they would like to apply to their manuscripts. If no more assistance is needed, authors move to copyediting and work on polishing their books before publication. If authors decide they need more assistance to make their books stronger, we make plans to complete the book.

Rate: $0.01/word; minimum $15


Developmental Editing

The author and I will set up a schedule for working on the manuscript. If the text has already been reviewed, we work on getting chapters revised or rewritten and organized to the author’s satisfaction. We may use MS Word and/or Google docs. We’ll set a timeframe for when material should be exchanged, read, and updated to help the author advance toward publishing goals.


     Developmental Editing - $0.035/word to $0.040/word
     DE Plus Coaching – DE rate + $50/week for up to 90 minutes on zoom 

Two options are available:

  • Basic email exchange: Author takes notes from the manuscript review, revises full document, and notifies editor when text is ready to be read. Editor works on the manuscript and sends author an email when finished.
  • Coaching: Editor is available for weekly zoom support to assist author with fleshing out ideas, screensharing (as necessary), working on small sections (ex. individual chapters). This option is preferred for authors who would like a more hands-on approach as they update their work to get feedback as they make changes.


Book Coaching/Consulting

This is usually requested as an add-on to developmental editing to assist the author with learning the process of self-publishing, such as ideas for marketing, walking the author through specific websites or programs, help writing descriptions, researching, etc.

Rate: Message your request