About the Author

Miko Marsh Write Heart Publishing: Writing with Purpose

Miko Marsh is a multi-genre author with almost twenty published titles, an editor, and an instructor. Under this name, she primarily writes nonfiction and children’s stories. She is most known for Living with Jezebel, which is available in multiple formats, three languages, and has been sold in over fifteen countries.

Miko writes contemporary women’s fiction and spoken word poetry under Obelia Akanke. Drawing from her education and experiences in social services, she often includes messages or lessons to bring awareness to a situation and to help the reader grow in compassion and understanding for others. Several poems and novellas were published as part of an anthology or series, including with the Poetry Society of Virginia and the Authors of Main Street. She has received awards for fiction and poetry, including a fellowship from Martha’s Vineyard Institute of Creative Writing.

In addition to publishing her own books, she gives writing workshops at libraries, writing groups, and on international platforms, such as Indie Author Project’s expert session. These lessons were born from a desire to help new authors avoid scams. Miko has a degree in psychology from Old Dominion University and an Early Childhood Care Education certification from Chattahoochee Technical College.