Selections for 2023 Poetry Anthology

Selections for 2023 Poetry Anthology

We’d like to thank each poet who submitted an entry for consideration for the Write Heart Publishing “Things I Know Now” 2023 poetry anthology. We got a bigger response than expected and are thankful that you shared your words with us. The range of topics and poetic styles made this both fun (to read) and challenging (to choose). We have subjects covering things from encouraging words to things we might not consider until it's too late. 

Next Steps:

1. We are still planning to publish by the end of September, so we ask that you do not post or publish your poem before that time.
2. Send an email to to confirm that you will be participating.
3. Send a bio of up to 50 words. Be sure to note how your name should appear.

We will be reading through for edits during the month of July and emailing each of you with suggestions (ex. verb tense or punctuation).

The boxes on the right show prize winners for the current categories of relationships, self-image/self-esteem, and general advice. We will be updating categories for the publication.





Davion Moore




A Little Kindness


Jessica Snook

Essence of Learning


Patricia Davis

Weary Roads



What Is Healing?


David Holper

Advice to My Daughter on Heartbreak

Relationships - 2nd place

Jennifer Pratt-Walter

Looking Back at Myself at 17, Excerpt



The Search



Opening the Door


Varsha Halabe     

Be Your Own Girl

Self-Image – 2nd place

Jeff Bettger

The Lake


Kimberly Thorn

BEautiful YOU!


J. Scott Wilson




We Do It to Ourselves

Self-Image – 1st place

Jennifer Gurney

Don’t Blink

Relationships – 3rd place


Spend Time in Nature


Nathelie Zetrenne-Norman



Sandra J. Lee

Student Loan Groan


The Virgo Poet

Parasite Lover


Tracy L. Gatton

Who You Are


Hoppie Mommy

Getting Through the Pain


Cheryl Nelson



Aimee Mackovic

Things I Would Tell My Younger Self

General Advice – 1st place

Caprice Parker

Beautiful Brown Girl



Love Is…


Sara Joy Dean

Untitled #1 “Look at You”

Self-Image – 3rd place


How to Adult

General Advice – 2nd place

Allison Baldwin

To My Younger Self #2



Dear Body



Ritual for Easy Living


CLS Sandoval

Grieving My Mother


Janet Toliver

In Sickness and in Health



Finding Your Way


Miriam Murray

What Would You Tell Your Younger Self?



Tell Myself to Stop


Ami Thompson

Perfectly Imperfect


Lisa M. Miller

The Grace of Elders

Relationships – 1st place

Brenda Arledge

Don’t Put Things Off





Kelsey Holden-Northerner

Smile Inside Me Is Growing


Terra Leigh

Layer Building


Shirley Rounds Schirz

Be a Nurse, My Child

General Advice – 3rd place



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