Small Steps #2 – Open the Window(s)

woman sitting at an open window


Get fresh air. Allow the breeze to blow from window to window across your home. There’s something about a light wind coming through that is like clearing the mind. Even having it open during a light rain (as long as it’s not wetting up your home) can be calming.

When was the last time you sat at an open window and just looked out? Wave at people as they pass by. Look at life happening in front of you – birds flying, children playing, colors everywhere. Listen to the sounds – dogs barking, children asking the ice cream truck driver to stop, music from students practicing instruments, cars passing. What can you hear? Do you smell any food cooking or freshly cut grass?

Opening the window reminded me that life is going on around me. I don’t have to keep everything happening inside the building where it happened or keep things bottled up emotionally. I can reach out to others, and I have the ability to invite others in. The same goes for you.

Some health benefits:

  • Helps clear up “stale” air in the home
  • Can help cool or warm your home (and save money on air conditioning or heating)
  • Helps your immune system

SciShow – “What Makes Fresh Air Fresh?”



Additional Resources:

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