Small Steps #1 - Open the Curtains

narcissism small steps 1 open the curtains


Narcissism takes a toll on each of us in various ways. We can feel effects spiritually, psychologically, emotionally, mentally, physically, financially, and more. Once we’ve realized what has happened to us and who we’ve been dealing with, it is a normal response to want to retreat and be left alone (among a host of other responses). Last week, I thought about small steps that can be taken towards recovery and/or healing. These aren’t limited to narcissism alone, but that was my focus as I started this list.

This is my “Small Steps” narcissism series. These are not necessarily in the order in which I did them (I honestly don’t remember), but I wanted to share ideas as we support each other.

I understand that you may want to do nothing more than turn off the alarm, pull the covers back over your head, and go back to sleep. You want to close your eyes and wait for everything that has happened to just fix itself or go away. You don’t want to be bothered, and darkness makes you feel better because you don’t have to hide how you feel. Nighttime equals alone time. You can brood, sulk, and lick your wounds in peace without people telling you to “Snap out of it” or “Just move on.”

I get it. Mourning the loss of what you thought existed is normal; however, at some point, you have to get your strength back to do what is necessary for yourself, whatever that may be. Staying in darkness isn’t going to help, particularly because your abuser already had you living in a type of darkness by shielding you from the truth. Don’t look at light as your enemy.

Small Steps #1 – Let the sunshine in.

Go to the window, pull back the curtains, open the blinds, and allow the sun to shine into your room. Even if you don’t have the strength to leave your room today, find the strength to give yourself this gift. In addition to benefits, such as free light, a reminder that light dispels darkness, and seeing more clearly, it usually makes you feel better.

Take a look at the room before and after you open the curtain. Watch how the area opens up. Allow yourself to feel the warmth of the rays as they pour in.

We’ll go into more benefits later, but a couple are listed here, such as helping to regulate your circadian rhythm and cognitive function

"Top 5 Benefits of Sun that are NOT Vitamin D"

Yesterday happened. In spite of all that was thrown at you, you’re still here.

“For Every Mountain” – Kurt Carr


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