Reasons for the "Living with Jezebel" Cover


I like to be involved with the production of my book, especially this one because of how many layers there are. I want to let you know why I chose the cover I did. So, yes, there is symbolism.

  1. Physical beauty – Jezebel is known for being attractive. In order to seduce people, narcissists need to have some physical appeal to those they are looking to trap. They tend to use their beauty to influence targets. Jezebels are not walking around with giant letters on their chests, wearing stereotypical red clothing seen in pictures to portray themselves as harlots, and are charming. Having a beautiful woman on the front catches attention the same way a charming or attractive narcissist would catch our attention.
  2. Unable to read her expression – The woman pictured is barely smiling, so you can’t really tell what she’s thinking or her mood. Is she happy? Angry? Plotting something?
  3. False self – I like the fact that she’s looking in a mirror. When you look at the cover, you think you see the woman first. However, we’re not actually looking at “her.” We are looking at her reflection. The “real” woman has her back to us. This is a vital point we need to remember when dealing with Jezebels. Most times, we are not dealing with the real person. We are interacting with the person the narcissist wants us to see. We have an image that is on display for us the same way this image is shown to us. We are seeing a “false self.”
  4. Gold – The gold color reminds me of top quality items, expensive things, royalty, and spending/indulgence/desires. The Jezebel is materialistic and wants the best of everything. She loves to increase her possessions, especially if it gives a chance to improve or show off her status.
  5. Chandelier – The chandelier seen in the mirror actually sits above the woman’s head like a crown. Jezebel was an actual queen, but without absolute power. The narcissists in our lives want to be treated like royalty and tend to think of themselves as absolute rulers, but that reality is always just out of reach – which makes them desire it more. If one person stands in the way of giving them that dominance, they will plot and scheme to eliminate that person as a resistance or threat to them.
  6. Window – If you look closely, you may notice that there is a window visible in the reflection of the mirror. It’s like a hint of her death in the image.
  7. The “z” in her name – I requested that the letter “z” in her name be a weapon. Although it’s decorative and looks nice, it is deadly. Jezebel has a murderous nature, so it is only fitting that a blade be added to her name because her inner desire is to destroy her targets.


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