Level Up - Part 2


I’m guessing that the majority of you laughed at the QPark video because he was dancing alone, only he could hear music in his headphones, and people were pointing and laughing at him. I want you to look at this video again. Think about what you’re seeing. Watch the reactions of others vs. his reactions.


Does he look the least bit embarrassed? Does he look like he hopes people don’t laugh at him? Does he look worried about people’s reactions? No. In fact, he looks like he wants to start laughing out loud. The only people embarrassed for him are the spectators. You can imagine people’s thoughts that he is crazy, making a fool of himself, would be good for their videos, etc. However, they provided exactly what was needed for this video – shocked reactions.

Think about it. The whole point of the video is to publicly dance to a song only he could hear. No one else is prepared for him to yell out “Level up!” or start dancing and singing along to anything. The reactions make the video funny, and it makes people want to share so they can point and laugh. This isn’t his only video. It just happened to be the first I’d seen, and it has millions of views.

Now, imagine what that amounts to with multiple videos each having millions of views on youtube and other platforms. You’d giggle, too, if you knew 3 – 5 minutes of dancing in about 4 different locations would bring you thousands of dollars. You wouldn’t have a problem using a small part of your day to have yourself filmed so that you could get paid for it later. While many people are looking at him as quick entertainment, I’m looking at him as business savvy. He’s laughing and watching deposits go to his bank account.

To “level up” means I need to move from one position to another. To relocate means I need to leave wherever I’m already comfortable to move to another space. That requires stepping out of the zone in which I have understood and feel safe. I must move into the unknown without having assurance as to what reactions others will give me. Will they be accepting or rejecting? Will they embrace or scorn me? I don’t know what the first video for QPark is or how long ago it was, but it may have been nerve-wracking for him because he hadn’t done it before. Would the idea work or not? Tens of millions of views later, he might wish he’d started sooner.

Look at the video again. That confidence builds with each deposit. You can develop million dollar confidence, too. In order to do it, you have to be willing to “level up.”


(original post 01/2019)

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