Do Not Neglect the Little Things

Do Not Neglect the Little Things

Jim Rohn stated that we should not neglect the little things.

Often, we want to jump in (or reluctantly start) and tackle big projects. We want to get the new or next thing off the ground because we may believe that will be what changes our lives, raises our income, or magically solves our current problems. While the idea may be the “golden ticket,” most of our lives are impacted by our daily routines and things we believe are mundane.

What would be considered a "little thing" that might get overlooked?

- Eating regular meals
- Monitoring purchases
- Folding the laundry

Individually, our lives should not see a significant interruption if we have "cheat meals" or save an activity for a later time. However, Rohn pointed out that what's easy to do is also easy to not do. Over time, these small things that we leave undone for long periods of time cause problems. Missed meals could lead to dizziness, challenges in regulating blood sugar, or something else. Continuous "nibbles" at your bank account could cause insufficient funds and overdraft charges. Even letting items pile up can create clutter and lead to feelings of guilt, stress, or overwhelm.

If sleep is necessary to rejuvenate the body, then we need to ensure we get adequate rest. If food is necessary to feed the body, then we need to be aware of the nourishment we take in. It’s the small things we do on a regular basis that will have the most impact on our quality of life. “Do not neglect the little things.”

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