Charles Meets a Fire Marshal


You may be aware that I published my first children’s book in September of 2018. My friend helps to organize community service projects to teach residents how to prevent fires and what to do in case of fire emergencies. The primary goal is for this to be an educational supplement to reinforce lessons presented to children about fire safety.

Many of the people I’ve met are familiar with firefighters, but few were/are aware that we have fire marshals. Most have no idea what they do. A second goal of this book is to introduce this position as a possible career opportunity. It gives a brief overview of what a fire marshal does in a way children can understand.

As a childcare provider, I like having a variety of books. While I like it when I can use one item or book to cover multiple topics, I like being able to spot stories that go with the themes I’ve chosen. Obviously, this one falls under fire safety, but it can also be grouped under occupations.

A couple of activities are included with the book and may be shared when read in a group setting (ex. copies of coloring pages may be made for children attending a reading at daycare).


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