An Unexpected Hero – Behind the Names


Many times, when I write my books, I give the main character a name to reflect something I want to highlight. It’s usually to point out a personality trait or message within the book. Four of the characters from An Unexpected Hero were given names that have special meanings.

Lynnette – pretty or beautiful
Marcel – warlike
Zakai – pure
Vince – conquering

Lynnette is also a variation of my mother’s name. Marcel is a variation of someone she named. Vince is the name of a relative. I feel as if I know a Zakai, but that might be because I’ve said his name so much that I feel as if he could be one of the kids I used to assist.

They say that a person’s name helps shape who they grow to be. I gave them names before I wrote the first chapter, but I didn’t give the meanings much thought after I decided which characters would fill each role. They kind of grew into their names, and I’m glad they fit.

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