Welcome to Grandma B.'s Corner!

Welcome to Grandma B.'s Corner!


I have created Grandma B.’s Corner to focus on topics related to childcare and children. I have retired from daycare and am focusing on other interests, but I find that I still look for ways to support families and work with youth. I don’t get to see little ones on a daily basis, but it makes my heart happy when I see a child smiling. Hopefully, you will find something posted that provides useful information or brings a smile to your or your little one’s face.

About me:

I was a home childcare provider for approximately 15 years total. (I moved across states and an ocean, so there were some times I had to work other positions before I could establish my business in the new location.) When I was not working at home, I was working in a behavioral/mental health facility. I have a degree in psychology and a certificate for early childhood care education.

I am an author, editor, book coach, and literacy tutor, so I love things that are related to books. I will be sharing children’s stories and reading posts, too.



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