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The Family Gift

The Family Gift

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Parker, her younger sister, and their grandmother are the model example of the bond between grandparent and grandchildren. They are three peas in a pod. Ethel has spent the last 16 years rearing and caring for her granddaughters to the point of giving all she had to make sure their needs were met. Likewise, Parker would move Heaven and Earth, if necessary, for her grandmother and sister.

When Ethel breaks her hip and is hospitalized, Parker attempts to fill her grandmother's shoes as head of household. She quickly discovers that she still has lots to learn about life and must do so in a short time before their house is sold from underneath them due to nonpayments. Can Parker figure out a way to save their house, or will they lose their home at Christmas? How will their relationship and interactions change now that their once independent grandmother has become dependent upon them?

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