Call for Submissions to Poetry Anthology 2023

Call for Submissions to Poetry Anthology 2023


***Submissions are now closed.***

Write Heart Publishing is seeking to create an anthology with the theme of “Things I would tell my younger self.” You are invited to submit your unpublished poems for consideration. We aim to include 45 – 60 poems that offer encouragement and wisdom for new adults.

We plan to have three sections: self-image, relationships, general advice.

Self-image – Under this theme, we would like to have messages that uplift people. This would include topics like owning your talents, not relying on social media “likes” to validate you, accepting what makes you beautiful and unique, etc.

Relationships – These may include messages like learning how to let go of false friends, friends for life, tips for building a strong support system, etc.

General advice – This section may include tips like buy life insurance, travel as you can, don’t drink chunky milk, etc.

Currently, these are the anticipated sections. We reserve the right to recategorize or rename them as necessary to balance the selected poems.


Contest: All selected entries will be considered for a cash prize. (Judges)

We will offer three prizes for each of the categories currently listed. Poets have a chance to win up to $150 (if selected for three first place prizes).

First - $50
Second - $30
Third - $20

Total prizes: $300

The submission period will start April 1, 2023, and end at 11:59pm EST on May 15, 2023. Names of selected entrants will be posted on the website by July 10, 2023. Winners will be notified by email and paid by cashier’s check or Paypal by July 20, 2023.

The anticipated date for publication of the anthology is mid-August. We hope to have this ready and available to present as gifts to students entering college in the fall. We are offering $250 to a student this year to help with the costs of books or required materials, so we would like to also gift a copy of the anthology to our scholarship recipient (print copy may be mailed in September).

Poets may send up to three (3) total submissions to There is a $5 fee. Send a screenshot of your receipt with your submissions. Use this link to place your order, or go to the store tab and click on "other items." Please check the cart before checking out as any amount that you send over $5 will be considered donations.

This is a passion project, so the editor is paying the costs from her pocket. The fee will be used to: offer a small token of thanks to the judges for their time, towards creating more scholarships, current and future anthology costs, and other expenses as needed.


  • Poems must be clean and family-friendly. You may want to have a look at the books currently published to get an idea of our reading audience.
  • You may only submit your original, unpublished work. It must not infringe on any copyrights, trademarks, or work that can be legally claimed by someone else.
  • Poems must be no more than 64 lines.
  • Include your name, submission titles, and screenshot of your receipt in the body of your email. Please attach poems in one document. Do not include your name on the document to be reviewed. Use "anthology entry submission by poet name" as the subject title so that we can find you easily. Email 
  • Poems must be in English. If your poem requires a few lines in another language, please include the translated meaning at the bottom of the entry.
  • Open to U.S. residents.
  • Submissions will only be accepted through the designated email address during the posted times. 
  • The anthology is expected to be available in print by September 30, 2023. Individual pieces should remain unpublished (in other literary forms or texts) through then. Your submission implies permission to publish your work as part of this project and grants Write Heart Publishing nonexclusive rights to market, advertise, and promote your work with this anthology. If you wish to withdraw your entry, please do so by May 25, 2023.
  • Entries should be submitted as if they are ready for publication. No changes will be made during the review process. You may be contacted regarding minor edits (ex. Did you mean to write “a line” or “align”?).

Poets retain copyright/ownership of their work, may submit their poems to other contests, and may use them how they wish after publication. Please credit us with first publication as this may be necessary to avoid legal issues later.


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