Why the Name "Crystal"?

crystal sculpted into birds, purple border


Why did I Chose the Name “Crystal”?

I don’t remember spending a lot of time choosing my main character’s name when I started writing. “Crystal” was a perfect fit even before I finished the first chapter. I had no idea how I wanted to develop it because my original goal was a 5,000-word story. By the time I’d written a few chapters, I knew it would be about the “Heart of Crystal.”

  1. When I think of fine crystal, I think of a priceless item. It’s something that can’t be replaced because of its high value. Sometimes, we don’t see ourselves as having high value when we’ve been hurt. My character is appreciated by those who care about her, but she has difficulty seeing her own worth and value at times because of her past relationship.
  2. If broken, it can take a while to repair trying to line the pieces up properly. A specialist may make it appear to almost be perfect, but there is likely some weakened spot or tiny mark remaining to show where it had been damaged. After the main character is traumatized, she is physically scarred. It is a visible reminder that she was abused, but the real healing is occurring inwardly.
  3. The true beauty of a crystal is seen when it is in the light. Whether in the raw or fully sculpted, it is appreciated often when light is on it allowing it to shine, sparkle, or refract light depending on its composition. Likewise, when Crystal is in a healthy place for herself, her skills, talent, and voice can be seen and heard. Her beauty isn’t simply her physical appearance but the compassion, concern, and love in her heart that is given when she feels free to be herself.
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